tom on the harbor.

denim: levi’s cotton blazer: gap shirt: vintage kenny rogers moccasins: minnetonka watch: nixon

warm beer and cold women, i just don’t fit in
every joint i stumbled into tonight
that’s just how it’s been
all these double knit strangers with
gin and vermouth and recycled stories
in the naugahyde booths

with the platinum blondes
and tobacco brunettes
i’ll be drinkin’ to forget you
light another cigarette
and the bands playin’ something
by tammy wynette
and the drinks are on me tonight

-tom waits

(photos by me. doesn’t amy resemble tom waits in these?)


envious street style.

i’m currently loving calivintage– it may be my new favorite blog. i had to reblog these photos from the site because the outfits inspired me so much. these pictures will remind me of pieces to look for in my closet (and in stores when my hiatus is over). hey, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

-here are some outfits i envy-

 erin of calivintage (above). i adore her style and her blog!

i’m a huge fan of tights with wedges and sandals. tights are a must in sf… even in the summer which is often colder than the winter.

i really need a bow tie blouse! that may be my first purchase once i’m back in the shopping game… can’t wait.

this outfit looks effortless and chic. i ❤ menswear!

p.s. check out my friend erika stealing the look. she looks awesome!

my next pair of sunglasses will definitely be some karen walker’s. i can’t decide between number one, two, or six. thoughts? i know one thing for certain, come summertime one of the three shall me mine!

don’t you think these outfits are worth emulating? i love em!

all images from calivintage.