sunny sunday.

jacket/circle skirt: f21 (similar skirt here sweater: gap  cami: vintage  shoes: seychelles  sunglasses: anthropologie  pin: gifted  watch: michael kors  earrings: nordstrom  navy tights  lipstick: clinique red hot  same ol’ bag: banana republic (gifted)  bangle: thrifted

just dropping by to say have a wonderful weekend and easter sunday. it looks like we will be spending our easter sunday in dolores park with dear friends. it is going to be so much fun! here’s hoping for some warm and sunny weather. i tell ya, sf weather is so unpredictable which makes choosing outfits challenging. traveling to sf? here’s a tip, carry a big bag stuffed with a scarf, sweater, and tights if you are wearing a skirt. when the temperature drops… it DROPS! 🙂

have a wonderful weekend with friends and family!


from paris with love.

skirt: vintage (gifted)  booties: jeffrey campbell  tank: h&m  watch: michael kors  hat: forever 21  sunglasses: anthropologie

my piece of paris…

this skirt is the closest i’m getting to paris for a while (sigh). i’m so grateful for this skirt though. one of my best friends, chime (click the link to see her awesome blog), found this ravishing piece at a flea market in paris and when she was ready to retire it she gave it to me! i will cherish this skirt forever. everything about it is beautiful: the color, the sheen, the fabric, the fit! thanks, chime… you are the best- best friend a gal could ask for. i’m a lucky girl!

20 days to freedom!

sweater: vintage (a gift from chime)  denim: levi’s  jacket: old navy  booties: lucky brand  belt/bracelet: jcrew (similar belt on sale here)  earrings: nordstrom  watch: micheal kors  sunglasses: anthropologie

not to toot my own horn, but i’m happy to say that i have made it over half way through my challenge without buying any clothing, not even a pair of socks! the challenge was 45 days without buying clothes, accessories, shoes, or make-up. i have to say i’m taking more from this experience than i originally anticipated. i’m saving some money, realizing that i don’t need to buy new clothes all of the time, and that yes, my shopping habit was getting out of control. i have read many bloggers discuss how their blog led to shopping with the thought, “this would be great for the blog” in mind. i found myself doing the exact same thing! i’ll admit i almost fell off the anti-shopping wagon this week- but i overcame the impulse and felt stronger as a result. upon finishing this challenge, my goal is to go on a serious budget and use this blog to share all of the bargains i find.

p.s. i haven’t had as many outfit posts lately because there was a bit of a camera snafu- it wasn’t the camera’s fault, but mine. oh how i love you, nikon p7000 and don’t you forget it! the issue has been resolved and i’m so happy to be back in outfit post action!

 i hope you had a wonderful week and that your weekend is even better!

wish me luck in the final stretch!

-aimee lynn.

back in action.

dress/coat/tights: forever 21 (similar coat on sale here)   booties: steve madden pembrook in cognac (on sale here)  turtleneck: gap  sunglasses: anthropologie watch: michael kors  bag: banana republic (similar bag: splurge here – bargain here)

 yesterday brian and i were going to meet some friends in russian hill. i wanted to wear something warm, cozy, and colorful. i absolutely love this coat i’ve had for several years and often forget about. it’s nice shopping in my own closet because i’m wearing things that i love, yet used to ignore to wear newer items. this yellow coat is an oldie but goodie! what do you have in your closet that you love but abandoned? i say: pull it out and wear it! put those lovelies back in action!

have a restful sunday!

-aimee lynn.

retro inspiration.

i love this harper’s editorial featuring bette franke. i am sort of obsessed with her at the moment. the photo shoot was set in palm springs which is another place i have been fascinated with lately. i’ve always admired the mid-century, ultra modern architecture and the abundance of palm trees. there is actually a tour coming up called modernism week which features all of the sleek, modern homes of palm springs. the funny thing is, i grew up in southern california and hardly ever went to palm springs, but now i cannot stop thinking about laying poolside with brian and my dearest friends. all the while feeling the warmth of the sun kiss my skin (with the protection of spf 150++ because i’m as white as snow!). this editorial evokes a retro feel and is also a reminder of home- so i gravitated to it right away.

now for the fashion: i love the tailored pieces, high-waisted skirts, and i absolutely adore the black lipstick! the combination of orange, green, black, and cream work together so luxuriously and are perfectly retro. and oh my god, the shoes… each pair are to die for! i love the fashion fantasy that editorials bring. enjoy!

all images from fashion gone rogue

brian’s new do.

brian got a haircut and i did it for him! naturally i was complaining the entire time, as i always do when i cut his hair. i feel so much pressure! you are probably thinking, “why doesn’t he just go get his haircut professionally?” well, he refuses… errr. in the process, he always assures me that he doesn’t care how it turns out, which i cannot believe! he’s telling the truth- i just don’t get it. i always respond with, “well, i care!” i don’t want to butcher his hair and then have our friends look at him, like “daaamn, what did she do?!” anyway, i have been trying to convince him to try something new and he finally concurred. it came out quite nicely if i do say so myself. in typical brian fashion, he acts like he doesn’t want to have a “hair style” because that means he will have to give his hair some attention… but i know he secretly loves it. in the end, i learned that i need to stop complaining. he is such a wonderful guy and he does so much for me, including his new occupation as blog photographer extraordinaire. so the least i can do is cut his darn hair without complaining!

here’s his new do…

shirt: american apparel   cardigan: urbn (similar here and here)   jeans: levis/thrifted   beat to hell, vegan-friendly canvas shoes (he told me i had to post his shoes since i always post mine. i said “those beat up things”… his response: “YES!”)


i really love the way brian dresses- he has great personal style. so while we were at anne’s new condo i wanted to take some pictures of him. anne looked at our outfits and said, “you look like the perfect hipster couple.” i think both brian and i just about had a heart attack! okay, perhaps i’m being a little dramatic. it’s funny… i have to admit our reaction reminds me of the t-shirt that says, “i’m not a hipster, i just dress like one.” when i gasped at her comment, anne said, “it isn’t a bad thing.” what do you think? i guess there aren’t many self-proclaimed hipsters. i certainly don’t consider us to be, but perhaps in some respects the saying on that t-shirt speaks for itself.

we were at anne’s having a cocktail before heading to dinner at a place called hola! in burlingame for our friend jen’s b-day.

this is what i wore…


thigh highs:american apparel   dress: f21  shoes: american apparel (similar here)  jacket: old navy   scarf:jcrew  watch: michael kors


i would describe my outfit as a combination of preppy ballerina and ice skating queen! one thing i will say is that the thigh highs were so warm and cozy because of the thick, sweater-like material. i will definitely be investing in more. if you love thigh highs, pick up a similar pair here!

i couldn’t resist…

22nd and harrison.

:f21 (11 bucks!!!)  shoes:dollhouse (ross find… only 15 bucks and super comfortable) boyfriend shorts:jcrew (of course, i cut them a tad shorter… that’s me!)  bag:gap  sunglasses:ray ban


this sunday afternoon brian and i walked around the neighborhood and took some photos. i never knew i was married to an awesome photographer until now. that just goes to show that even after years of marriage (over eight to be exact) i can still learn new things about the man i love. i may need to buy him a camera soon so we can go shooting together. it was a lovely sunday… now for the work week (sigh). i hope you have a great week!

till next time,


photos by brian.

christmas treats.

we had our first tree trimming extravaganza filled with amazing friends, white russians, cards against humanity, a not so secret- secret santa gift exchange, delicious cookies (thanks, erika!), and yes, christmas music (but only about an hour’s worth). the tree came out so beautifully- we should have a tree trimming party every year!

my tree trimming outfit-

jeans/blouse: gap  heels: kimchi blue (urbn) pearl earrings:gifted  watch:michael kors  

erika’s polka dress:jcrew


another holiday party look piece by piece…

scruffy wants to go to the party too! meow!

after christmas sale find: miss albright shoes from anthropologie (extra 50% off the sale price… yes!). these shoes are so classic with the satin bow and brass clasp. the combination of taupe (the obsession continues) and coral gives the shoes a vintage look. i love these shoes, especially on super sale!