life lately.

il_570xN.2628031321. best friend morning roast. 2. love map. 3. succulents at paxton gate. 4. steven alan seaside parka for nyc (sadly, not happening). 5. chair obsession. 6. sunday breakfast at boogaloo’s. #goodlife.


thrift shoppers of the world unite and take over.

hat1 hat3j.crew factory jacket // forever 21 ikat blouse  // levi’s jeans // forever 21 hat // vintage coach willis bag // anthropologie booties // j.crew classic link bracelet (gift) // michael kors watch // ray ban clubmaster sunglasses // thrifted necklace

okay, i will be the first to admit that i’m not the thrift shopper i once was. however, i still couldn’t resist ripping off morrissey’s lyrics and making them cater to this blog post, haha… total nerd! anyway, yesterday was such a lovely day! anne and i went for coffee at philz, hit some thrift shops, and grabbed lunch and dinner. let me tell you anne was HOT at the thrift stores and i, on the other hand, was not. she found me the cutest (almost new) bcbg maxazria skirt for 7.50 and the cutest high waisted plaid skirt for herself for 6.50! it’s finds like those that make me want to run out to the thrift stores again today with my good luck charm anne, haha. to be fair, i did find her a pair of super cute vintage wedges at thrift town. i’m really going to hit the thrift stores more often (with claritin ready to go… the dust is killer). it’s time to get a little thrifty and live up to my blog title! i think i may need to drag brian out for some coffee and thrifting today… round two.

branches2 hat6accessoriesbrancheshat

as for the rest of the weekend, i need to prepare for getting back to the grind. i already got a great deal of lesson planning done the other night but i still have some activities and notes to create. i’ll be teaching the stranger, the metamorphosis, the crucible, and reviewing the ap winter break reading, the scarlet letter. i’m going to be one busy english teacher. this vacation was much needed and very rejuvenating, so i think i’m ready to go back on monday. have a good weekend! shoes



j.crew factory sweater // gap 1969 always skinny jeans // forever 21 blouse // gap crossbody // tic tac toe amanda flats // ray ban clubmaster sunglasses

can i just say i’m so glad it’s saturday? i’m so happy that i’m just sitting on the sofa and typing a blog post wrapped in a cozy sweater, especially after an extra busy week of teaching. i realize i have never mentioned what i do for a living on the blog. i’m an english teacher! so my week was filled with preparing literary period power points (specifically on romanticism/dark romanticism and realism), writing final examination study guides, and grading like a mad woman.

i’ve decided that it’s time to reveal more about myself beyond the outfits i wear and the foods i eat. haha! i’m always curious to know what other bloggers do outside of writing their blogs. so just in case you’re curious, i currently teach advanced placement literature and composition, american literature, and european literature. at this point in my career i can honestly say that i love what i’m doing. this is my sixth and best year teaching. my day is spent instructing students on how to look at literature with a critical eye and write with a convincing and stylistic voice. it’s been pretty awesome lately. however, i’m not trying to paint the picture that my job is all peaches and cream. working in public education can be tough! but i like being in the classroom educating students so the good outweighs the bad (ahem… politics) most of the time.


anyhoo, winter break is just around the corner and i’m very excited about it! today brian and i are going to get our christmas tree and i can’t wait to get it home and decorate it! a couple of friends are going to drop by to help decorate the tree (if i don’t finish before they get here. hehe), play games, and eat lentil stew. mmm. have a relaxing weekend!


cropped tee: american apparel shorts: forever 21 bag: marc jacobs wedges: madewell sunglasses: ray ban belt: american apparel

it was so nice to see my bestie last week! since we live so far away from each other we don’t get to hangout as often which is a bummer. so we made sure to get in some quality time over the holiday along with our friends anne, lerrianne, belia, and amy (instagram magic to follow) in downtown riverside. we grabbed lunch at simple simon’s, took a little train ride, and checked out a museum. we all had so much fun!


dress: forever 21 sweater: jcrew booties: madewell zipcode bag: vintage coach city sunglasses: ray ban clubmaster

i decided it was time to bring bangs back! some more ch-ch-changes. we just got back from a road trip that i sort of romanticized in my head before we left. but after dealing the with insane holiday traffic and spending over ten hours in the car yesterday, i have to say never again. next time we’ll fly! anyway, i’ve got lots of cool photos to share including an outfit post of my best friend! but for now it’s time to go grocery shopping, run errands, and go running. hope you had a wonderful holiday!

dotted & striped.

sweater: jcrew factory dress: forever 21 (similar here) tights: jcrew bag: vintage coach willis shoes: vintage salvatore ferragamo vara in navy sunglasses: ray ban clubmaster

today brian and i had a relaxing little sunday filled with brunch, mimosas, a walk through the neighborhood, and naps. it was so nice! but now it’s time to start getting everything organized for our road trip down south. i’m so excited that we’ll be celebrating the holiday with family and friends in just a couple of days. well, i’d better hop to it seeing as i have an intimidating pile of laundry calling my name.

mmm, tofurky day is getting closer (i already got started yesterday with a pumpkin spice cupcake)… happy thanksgiving week, y’all!

point and shoot.

i went out friday night with some friends for the day of the dead festival in the mission. this festival consists of face painting, drum beating, and paying tribute to family members who have passed on. i basically just observed, no face painting for me. anyway, we started our night of “debauchery” at the attic on 24th street. yeah i really don’t have debaucherous nights anymore. all i can think about is how i don’t want to feel like a dehydrated piece of crap the next day and that keeps things at bay. as a matter of fact, friday night almost didn’t even happen for me. i was so tired that i just wanted to sit on the couch, watch crap tv, and order takeout. but then amy and her lovely girlfriend rachel showed up at our apartment and got me to go out. if it wasn’t for them it would have been a sofa and pjs kind of night. i’m glad i got out instead!

photo credits: 1, 4, 9 by rachel, 2 by amy, and the rest by me.