palm springs.

american apparel cropped tee (similar) | forever 21 shorts | vintage coach city bag | madewell wedges | necklace gifted from/designed by chime | hat borrowed (thanks lerrie!) | ray ban clubmaster sunglasses

i had the BEST time last weekend celebrating my birthday with my dear friend lerrie and a bunch of new friends. they were all so awesome and we had so much fun together. the only one missing was our best friend chime. lerrie and i really missed her.

we stayed at the ace hotel (thanks to kenneth!) and spent most of our time hanging out by the pool. it was really relaxing and the people were amazing: smart, stylish, interesting, and super fun. i really wanted to have a wonderful birthday and it happened through this trip. this year has been a major transitional period in my life and i have grown a ton, which is great. but sometimes growing is hard and i just needed a vacation from it all. i needed a change of scenery, if only for a couple of days.  it was nice to leave everything behind, meet new people, and let loose in palm springs for the weekend. we kept saying “what happens in palm springs stays in palm springs.” but that wasn’t really the case considering we all blew up instagram like it was going out of style.

this trip really was the perfect way to ring in 32!


outside lands.

my friend rachel and i went to outside lands a couple of weeks back. rachel was given a vip wristband and i used my friend’s ticket… woo woo! rachel and i had an awesome time hanging out, eating a bunch, and meeting new people. i have to admit that i wasn’t the hugest fan of most of the bands that played, but i still danced around anyway. it was sort of a bro fest when red hot chili peppers went on and i was hoping that they would play more from the blood, sugar, sex, magik album (the only album i really like). they still sounded good live, offered up some 90’s nostalgia (i’m obsessed with the 90’s as of late), and we got in for FREE so i can’t complain. rachel and i had so much fun together (thanks, rach!!). all in all, it was a memorable adventure!

local kitchen & wine merchant.

i’m big on birthdays. last year i kinda went over the top celebrating my birth with two dinners and a brunch. so when my dear friend anne’s birthday rolled around and she said she wasn’t doing anything, i wasn’t having it.  i planned a little birthday dinner for her at local kitchen & wine merchant in soma. it was the perfect gathering of friends, the food was delish, and most importantly, the birthday girl had a lovely time. oh, and i tried the local hound (a ketel one and grapefruit concoction). best cocktail ever, y’all!

contemporary jewish museum.

ah, i had the best saturday afternoon. i headed to the contemporary jewish museum where i checked out the allen ginsberg beat memories exhibit and grabbed lunch at wise sons jewish delicatessen. so good! it was the perfect way to spend my saturday afternoon. later in the evening, i met up with my bestie amy for drinks at foreign cinema and then we enjoyed a nice dinner at radish. we spoiled ourselves for the evening.

now i gotta start getting ready for tomorrow… the first day of school. this is my seventh year and i still get a little anxious about the first day. haha. wish me luck!

go giants!

last night my friend amy and i went to our first giants game. we were super laggers and only made it for the last two innings. but we did make it in time to grab some beers. priorities! we had fun even though the giants lost the game. afterwards we ended the night with escape from new york pizza and another beer in the neighborhood. ah, the guilt. we had such a great time so it was worth it. but i have to admit a major run is on my agenda tonight!

denim + denim 

sippy sippin’ on stella. 


escape from new york pizza. yes!


manhattan brick.

on the subway. 

gimme more moma

strollin’ in ferragamos

museum greens.

greenwich village. 

bunnies (aka me and erika).

so today when i was on my prep period (not working on the grading i should have been working on and wishing i could take another vacation/trying to figure out how to afford to go back to nyc) i stumbled upon some photos from my trip that i hadn’t posted. it was so nice seeing friends and checking out a new place. i want to go back to explore more of the city and the museums! i’m hoping to teach summer school so i just may be able to swing another visit sometime soon-ish. until then, a girl can dream (and enjoy the beautiful sf weather).

thank you!


denim: anthropologie blouse: forever 21 boots: madewell zipcode (also here and here) sunglasses: ray ban clubmaster

i wore this outfit on thanksgiving, mainly because it was so dang comfortable (and this simple blouse is one of my favorites)! these photos were snapped outside of brian’s parents’ house down in socal (minus the bottom two that were taken at my mama’s house). we has lots of fun and interesting moments while visiting back home. it was so nice spending time with family, taking photos, and filling our bellies full of mashed potatoes, salad, stuffing, and all the other sides. yep, no turkey for us! it’s always great seeing family and old friends… they are hard to leave each time, but it’s always nice to be home in sf with our kitties.

now for the most important part of the post (i saved the best for last): i’m about to hit my one year blog anniversary in a few days and i have to say that it has been such a fun experience writing a blog, reading blogs, and being part of the blogging community. i have experienced such welcoming and wonderful feedback and comments from people and that means so much. in a world with so much negativity, it is so refreshing to have such a creative outlet with a positive community of writers and readers alike. i remember people used to say they loved blogging because they made friends through their blog and i thought okay “internet friends”. but it’s so true. sometimes when i’ve had a complete and total shit day it can really be turned around by reading a funny or inspiring blog post or by having conversations with other bloggers who enjoy sharing personal style, food, inspiration, and photography! so i want to say thank you to my readers! this may sound super cheesy but i’m truly grateful for those of you who have made this new experience of blogging a fantastic one. so in short, besides being thankful for my awesome husband and best friend brian, family (thanks moms for cooking yummy thanksgiving feasts! i love you both!!), and friends, i’m thankful for you, your feedback, and positivity. thank you! thank you! 🙂

p.s. i meant to post this on or before thanksgiving. sometimes even my best laid plans fall through. better late than never, right? haha. hearts!