go giants!

last night my friend amy and i went to our first giants game. we were super laggers and only made it for the last two innings. but we did make it in time to grab some beers. priorities! we had fun even though the giants lost the game. afterwards we ended the night with escape from new york pizza and another beer in the neighborhood. ah, the guilt. we had such a great time so it was worth it. but i have to admit a major run is on my agenda tonight!

denim + denim 

sippy sippin’ on stella. 


escape from new york pizza. yes!


the garden inside.

on sunday brian and i went to the beach and dropped by a little garden afterward where i snapped these photos. as i was looking at them i couldn’t help but gaze at the colors and wish we could redecorate the apartment! the hues are just so tranquil. mid century + raw elements.
naturally, i hopped on polyvore and found dream pieces inspired by the colors and textures in the garden. i would like to incorporate more raw elements in our apartment and create an organic feel by adding more plants, wood grain, and glass. we really need a terrarium. so what do you think of bringing the outside in?
p.s. i love these picks from cayce of for the roses. check out her awesome blog!




forever 21 jacket // seven for all mankind denim // steve madden rain boots // jcrew sweater // vintage top // ray ban sunglasses

hey! hey! hey! well i officially completed my cleanse on sunday morning and i honestly couldn’t feel better. the first day was the toughest and after that it got much easier. the biggest lesson i’ve learned is that i need to be more cognizant of what i put into my body. now that i’ve completed the cleanse i just want to eat healthier and keep juicing. watch out i might turn into a juicing nerd. i’m super into it!

anyway, brian and i went to the store early sunday morning to grab more produce and we snapped these iphone photos just for fun. it was raining like crazy all weekend so we weren’t out and about too much. i love the rain! it’s so nice bundling up, listening to records, and having an excuse to just hangout at home.


brian + tofu = heartphoto-9photo-8

the geek and the pineapple.

girls down by the river.

me and chime: besties for resties

when i was back home my girlfriends and i had a little reunion downtown. it’s crazy how much has changed over the years for all of us. we have practically grown up together… college, careers, relationships, ups and downs, tears, laughs, and everything in-between. it’s so important to have girlfriends to turn to through the good times and the bad. girls that know everything about you and don’t judge. girls that finish your sentences and give their honest opinion no matter what. i feel so fortunate to have such wonderful girls in my life that i can always turn to whether they’re near or far. but i really wish some weren’t so far.

the beautifiul lerrianne. another girl i miss already. it will be time to schedule a girl’s weekend at her house in los angeles very soon!

lerrie, anne, moi, and chime at an art museum in downtown, riv. 

amy, lerrie, belia, and her beautiful baby boy, julian! 

chime and i keep talking about how crazy it was that for once all of our schedules allowed us to meet up and catch up. who knows when that will happen again, but i’m so thankful we got the chance last week.

now that i’m back home i am going to try something new tomorrow through sunday morning that i’m hoping will rejuvenate me! after twenty hours in a car, crap food, fantastic thanksgiving food, wine, cocktails, desserts, you get the picture… it’s time to try a cleanse for the first time and detoxify my system. so what was my cyber monday purchase? a three-day cleanse from pressed juicery. i’m really excited to start but we’ll see how i feel after day one, haha! wish me luck!

love bug.

sweater: jcrew (on sale now) skirt: secondhand from chime tank: f21 belt: jcrew factory necklace: tiffany and co. (b-day gift from chime) bag: vintage coach oxfords: f21 boy shorts: hanes (the best) sunglasses: ray ban

the colors in this outfit kinda remind me of a ladybug! i wore this sunday for a date brian and i had at the ferry building. we had such a wonderful time together and it reminded both of us that we need to go on real dates more often. we are very busy most of the time. however, quality time together is too important to overlook. that’s why we really need to schedule in awesome dates at least once a week! i mean we spend time together daily, but i’m a girl and i want real dates! ones that require getting dressed! not merely hitting the submit order button on grubhub whilst wearing a facial mask and pjs. for our next date, i want to head out to wine country for lunch and wine tasting. i can’t wait!

on another note, i’m also looking forward to getting back in shape. brian and i rode our bikes to the ferry building and back. it’s a pretty easy ride but it was nice to get some exercise in nonetheless. i’ve been running more lately too but i still really need to step it way up. ever since running the half marathon i just haven’t stuck to my regular running schedule. perhaps, that’s why i’ve been getting sick so often… i haven’t been breaking a sweat enough. it’s time to get back in gear. for real!

point and shoot.

i went out friday night with some friends for the day of the dead festival in the mission. this festival consists of face painting, drum beating, and paying tribute to family members who have passed on. i basically just observed, no face painting for me. anyway, we started our night of “debauchery” at the attic on 24th street. yeah i really don’t have debaucherous nights anymore. all i can think about is how i don’t want to feel like a dehydrated piece of crap the next day and that keeps things at bay. as a matter of fact, friday night almost didn’t even happen for me. i was so tired that i just wanted to sit on the couch, watch crap tv, and order takeout. but then amy and her lovely girlfriend rachel showed up at our apartment and got me to go out. if it wasn’t for them it would have been a sofa and pjs kind of night. i’m glad i got out instead!

photo credits: 1, 4, 9 by rachel, 2 by amy, and the rest by me.


top: forever 21

denim: seven for all mankind

wedges: sam edelman

bag: vintage coach classics city bag

watch: michael kors

last night i had so much fun enjoying an artsy girls night out with anne and amy. we went to sfmoma, which is one of my favorite museums in the city (half off on thursday evenings- woo-hoo!). then we walked across the street and had dinner at samovar tea lounge. it was a relaxing way to spend a thursday evening, casual and low key. it’s something we need to do during the week more often to make the workweek less mundane. speaking of the workweek, i’m so glad it’s about to be over. i want to sleep in! have a relaxing weekend, everyone!

outside of sfmoma, waiting to cross the street…