the classics.

j.crew sweater- also here | anthro denim- also here | vintage coach willis bag | vintage salvatore ferragamo vara in navy | sunglasses via ebay | michael kors watch | gifted pearls

classic pieces tend to stay in my closet and in constant rotation in my sartorial world. in this post i’m wearing some of my all time favorite pieces: my peter pan collar sweater, boyfriend denim, coach willis bag in mahogany, and navy ferragamo’s. of course, the look is topped off with pearls and a top knot- simple and classic. i love pieces that go the distance in both quality and style. so i’m slowly building a closet of classics. what’s your style m.o.?

i’m pretty excited about my next post which is unique from any other post i’ve done thus far. hint: exteriors will meet interiors. have a good day!

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beach baby.

today was such a lovely day! the weather was so nice that brian and i headed out to the beach where we walked around, grabbed lunch, and snapped some photos. it’s so awesome that we were able to dress so lightly and go to the beach in the middle of winter. i sure do love california “winters”.

j.crew sweater- similar | f21 dress | vintage salvatore ferragamo vara | vintage coach willis bag | michael kors watch | ray ban clubmaster sunglasses

this weekend was really relaxing which is exactly the way i like it. friday night brian and i went on a date to gracias madre for dinner and then caught up on crap tv (a favorite pass time of mine when i’m absolutely exhausted and just want to zone out). then, saturday night we had friends over for dinner (pasta, dill and roasted garlic white bean dip and veggies, rosemary focaccia, and a yummy salad) and a movie. aside from heading to the beach and hanging around the apartment, i also ran seven miles and got some “spring” cleaning done. all in all, this weekend was the perfect balance of relaxation and productivity!

on holiday.


super old forever 21 dress  // madewell tights // vintage salvatore ferragamo shoes // j.crew classic link necklace (gift from dave + david) and bracelet (gift from anne)

last night we had our little christmas party and we all had such a wonderful time! it was a cozy get together filled with yummy food (including this soup), christmas tunes (a whole lotta wham), wine, cocktails, and gifts. i have to admit that over the years i’ve become much more festive. so i already knew a couple of weeks back what i wanted to wear for our holiday party, which was this feminine lace dress, red tights, and ferragamos. but what i didn’t know was that i would have the perfect necklace to wear with it. my friends dave and david are so sweet! they gave me the necklace before the party started so i could be the hostess with the mostess.

well i don’t know about you but i procrastinated and therefore i will be out getting some last minute shopping done on christmas eve. it’s going to be insane but that’s okay… it’s that time of year. typically i lose my shit in crowded chaotic situations (i.e. get overwhelmed/anxious and then go home). but i’m really going to try to bring some of that festive spirit and holiday cheer (or tolerance) instead of a meltdown. after all, i really should have finished shopping much sooner. haha! my mission is to make the last of the shopping as quick and easy as possible. if you’re also a procrastinator, good luck out there. merry christmas eve!


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shoppers anonymous.

sweater: jcrew factory shirt: vintage/secondhand from chime denim: anthropologie bag: vintage coach willis shoes: vintage salvatore ferragamo vara in navy sunglasses: ray ban clubmaster frog pin: jcrew factory

thanksgiving is getting closer which means the biggest shopping day of the year is fast approaching! will you be out there in the crazy that is black friday or will you shop online? last year anne and i got up early-ish and went into the madness but didn’t last long. we can’t deal with the crazy crowds. so we’ve scheduled an online shopping date! yep, we haven’t even made it down to socal yet or celebrated the holiday and i’m already worried about where and when the shopping will take place (fitting title, huh? haha). happy thanksgiving and shopping!

dotted & striped.

sweater: jcrew factory dress: forever 21 (similar here) tights: jcrew bag: vintage coach willis shoes: vintage salvatore ferragamo vara in navy sunglasses: ray ban clubmaster

today brian and i had a relaxing little sunday filled with brunch, mimosas, a walk through the neighborhood, and naps. it was so nice! but now it’s time to start getting everything organized for our road trip down south. i’m so excited that we’ll be celebrating the holiday with family and friends in just a couple of days. well, i’d better hop to it seeing as i have an intimidating pile of laundry calling my name.

mmm, tofurky day is getting closer (i already got started yesterday with a pumpkin spice cupcake)… happy thanksgiving week, y’all!

season of the witch.

cape: american apparel tights: forever 21 shoes: salvatore ferragamo vara hat: party city bangles: thrifted ring: street sale

this halloween when planning my costume it honestly came down to one thing: an excuse to buy this black cape from american apparel! although i love halloween, costumes can be tough because i don’t like spending money on things i will never wear again. that’s when it dawned on me that i should start planning costumes around articles of clothing i want to buy for myself anyway. or simply not buy anything and work with what i already have, but that wouldn’t have given me my excuse now would it? hehe! i’m so glad that this cape was perfect for my costume, but i’m even happier that it will be perfect for the fall and winter weather. so in reality i’m really only out about nine bucks for the costume parts of my witchy-poo costume, five bucks for the hat and four bucks for the broom. i’m so excited to wear the cape all the time! i’m even thinking of another costume that would require getting one in a different color. someone just needs to plan a costume party! luckily, my friend says he might have one in the works! i have to say i thought that being a witch for halloween was a pretty darn clever reason to buy something i really wanted anyway, don’t you? what halloween shopping tricks do you have up your sleeve?

anyhoo, as i look at my favorite blogs i can’t help but feel like the season is already passing me by! i never even made it out to a pumpkin patch, damn it! but i did start researching known spooky spots throughout the city. i figured what better thing to do than to dress up like a witch and visit a “haunted” spot. i was going on and on to brian about how cool it would be to visit all of these various haunted treasures throughout the city, and i think i have him sold. but before i did, i made the comment that we should take my witch photos near stow lake (a supposed haunted area in golden gate park) on a foggy day because it would add effect to the photos. i really wanted to look like a witch doing her handy work in a forest somewhere (yes, i’m totally serious. and yes, i’m a complete dork!!! ha!). to which he responded, “or we can just buy some dry ice and go outside of the apartment”. dudes. in the end, brian took me to a wooded area in potrero hill and i don’t know of any hauntings there but i still loved the location!

another plus, i actually think i have him intrigued by the idea of visiting the haunted sutro baths at night and stopping in for a drink at a haunted hotel. i really enjoy the superstition and ghost stories. therefore, my next mission is to tour spots in the city that are known for paranormal activity.  whether it’s a big load of crap or not, it will still be a fun adventure that i will be sure to share with you!

 happy halloween… BOOO-HA-HA-HAAA!

all photos by brian.

color blocked.

dress: f21

shell/bracelet: jcrew

denim jacket: old navy

shoes: vintage salvatore ferragamo

bag: vintage gucci watch: michael kors

sunglasses: ray ban

anyone who as followed even a few posts on this blog would not be surprised to hear that navy is one of my favorite colors. it’s really my new black. navy ferragamos? check. navy accessories? check. navy dresses? sweaters? tops? check. check and check. with no end in sight i guess my motto is: if it’s navy, it’s aimee. but another favorite color of mine is emerald green so naturally blocking the two was double the fun! sometimes one’s favorite colors can go a long way especially when combined with gold accessories (another fave! especially this gold bracelet which was a gift from my gal anne). what are your favorite color combinations?

in the rose garden (part one).

dress: forever 21 (also featured here)

sweater: jcrew

shoes: vintage salvatore ferragamo in navy

watch: michael kors

tote: alphabet via madewell

sunglasses: ray ban wayfarer

on sunday afternoon brian and i headed eastward to oakland to meet up with our friend amy. we don’t go over to oakland often, but that will definitely change now. it was such a lovely time! first we stopped in piedmont, a super cute neighborhood, for an early dinner and to pick up some snacks and beverages before moseying over to the morcom municipal rose garden. the weather was perfect, the roses were bright and fragrant, and it was the perfect time of day to snap some photos of flowers, squirrels, and of course, outfits!

navy! navy! navy! i swear, navy is my new black. i seriously cannot get enough of it. this lovely color is so classic and wears well with so much. i put my navy obsession into full swing by wearing my navy and white polka dot dress, navy v-neck sweater with my navy ferragamos. it’s navy love! stay tuned for “in the rose garden (part two)” for amy’s outfit shots. if you love menswear inspired looks, you will love part two!