point and shoot.

i went out friday night with some friends for the day of the dead festival in the mission. this festival consists of face painting, drum beating, and paying tribute to family members who have passed on. i basically just observed, no face painting for me. anyway, we started our night of “debauchery” at the attic on 24th street. yeah i really don’t have debaucherous nights anymore. all i can think about is how i don’t want to feel like a dehydrated piece of crap the next day and that keeps things at bay. as a matter of fact, friday night almost didn’t even happen for me. i was so tired that i just wanted to sit on the couch, watch crap tv, and order takeout. but then amy and her lovely girlfriend rachel showed up at our apartment and got me to go out. if it wasn’t for them it would have been a sofa and pjs kind of night. i’m glad i got out instead!

photo credits: 1, 4, 9 by rachel, 2 by amy, and the rest by me.